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Canvas Prints by Maggie Thompson

Prints by Maggie Thompson - Canvas on Wooden Frames

A range of high quality canvas prints, previously available in different sizes to suit your room size and budget!

Poinsettia One

Poinsettia One - Canvas Art Print
Poinsettia One

Poinsettia Riot

Poinsettia Riot - Canvas Art Print
Poinsettia Riot

Hot Poppy

Hot Poppy - Canvas Art Print
Hot Poppy

High quality art prints from paintings by Maggie Thompson, supplied stretch mounted on a wooden frame, please check the sizes to see how these paintings will fit in your building or room.

All paintings Copyright Maggie Thompson 2014-15, no reproduction allowed.

Colours vary due to electronic reproduction, images are not to size!


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All pictures Copyright Maggie Thompson 2014-15, no reproduction allowed


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